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About The Band


Oyster Bone was formed in 2011. A couple of guys got together one day and decided to start jamming.  Thus, what is now know as Oysterbone was born.

Oyster Bone plays local bars and venues as well as private parties and charity events.  They have a varied set list to meet most anyone's taste. They are a five piece band with Mike Trotto on Vocals and Guitar, Rich Markunas on Lead Guitar, John Merrer on Rhythm Guitar and backup vocals, ony Hounshell on Bass and backup Vocals and last but not least Adrian Silva bringing it all together on Drums and backup Vocals.

You are sure to have a good time enjoying the great music, energy of the band and the great on stage performance.  Oysterbone aims to keep the crowd entertained and enjoying their time at your venue taking in all there is to offer.  The band is prepared to play any event or venue. 

CLICK HERE to see photos of the bands performances.

CLICK HERE to see videos of past performances.

CLICK HERE for info or to book the band.


Mike Trotto - Lead Vocals

The front man for Oyster Bone is Mike Trotto. Full of passion and energy to fire up the crowd, Mike will be singing, screaming and belting out the vocals. He’ll also be playing some rhythm and lead guitar. And he will stop at nothing to ensure the crowd is having a good time.


Raised on classic rockers like AC/DC, Bad Company, Tom Petty, Mike has been singing in bands around the Bay Area since the 80s.


Mike is passionate about putting the music first! He puts in tireless hours to make sure his live performances are every bit as good as the recorded version of every song delivered.


Putting on a show just fires him up even more. The more the crowd gets into it, the more grit and roar you’ll hear coming out of the speakers. Whether it’s his vocals or 6-string, prepare Mike is prepared to give it all he’s got.


For those about to rock...

Rich Markunas - Lead Guitar

Rich loves to melt your face off with hot, rippin' guitar licks and solos. Check it out if you dare. 


He enjoys writing and playing all types of music. Rich rocks on the stage with a variety of guitars from 6 to 12 strings. 


You will also hear him rockin' harmonica solos in some crowd favorite songs. His love for music surely shows through in his playing.  The precision notes and rock that emanate from the guitar will certainly tickle your eardrums making you want more.


This is an experience you won't want to miss.

John Merrer - Rhythm Guitar

They call me "Riff". John brings his distinctive, gritty rhythm guitar sounds from over two decades of music and performance experience.

Riff is an integral part of the band using his ever evolving skills on the electric guitar, acoustic guitar and backing vocals.

Some of his music influences are U2, Styx, Kiss, 80's alternative and all genres from metal to classical.  It shows through in his performances and playing.

John is a student of the craft aspiring to continue to learn different playing methods and techniques.

Oysterbone gives Riff the right outlet for keeping a diverse song list where everyone can contribute to the process.  We were friends before we were a band so that's how we have a great relationship which shows through in our performances.

While nothing stays the same for too long, the band Oysterbone was formed and we are rocking out to hits from multiple decades. These are the best band mates and friends anyone could ask for.

Tony Hounshell - Bass Guitar

Tony Hounshell rumbles and thumps. The bassist of the band holding it down in the rhythm section.


Tony is a talented force whose thunderous bass notes and sweet distinctive sound carry his bass into a musical space that you will surely feel throughout your body. 

There’s a gritty soul and passion that emphatically captures his Rock n' Roll roots.  Tony has been playing bass for over twenty years.  He started out playing blues guitar and after being introduced to the tasty rumbling sounds of the bass from his late friend Scott Wilson he then knew that was his calling.

Tony has studied Rock and Jazz bass with the International Institute of Bassists.  Tony enjoys all types of music from Heavy Metal, Rock, Jazz, Classical and much more.  All that comes out in his bass playing.  


Tony has been playing with Oysterbone since the beginning in 2011.  His love of the art, the chemistry and camaraderie of the guys in the band shows in the way they come together to produce such great sounding music.  Tony looks forward to many more years playing with the guys in Oysterbone and making great music for all to enjoy.

Adrian Silva - Drums

Adrian is an amazing musician.  Not only does he lead the rhythm of Oysterbone but his other talents include singing, bass guitar, 6-string, horns and more.  You can't help but enjoy the ever smiling, high energy of his amazing drumming.

Adrian has been a performing musician for as long as he can remember.  He has played all over from New York City to Tampa and everywhere in between.  He has collaborated and recorded on numerous albums.  HIs influences are wide and many, it comes through in his drumming and performances.

Adrian holds the band and timing together with the rhythmic sounds of his drums.  You can't help but be entertained when you feel the bass of the kick drum resonating through your body.  Adrian is a life long student of music.  In his free time he continues to listen to and study music and songs to add to his many musical talents and knowledge.  You can definitely see this in his live performances.  Don't miss it.

For info or to book the band CLICK HERE.

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